At Lanier Aircraft Maintenance, we are able to provide multiple services for our customers.

 Services Include: 

  • Aircraft Record Check
  • ELT Functional Check
  • Oil Change
  • Wheel bearing inspection and packing
  • Flight Control Lubrication
  • Removal of Necessary Inspection Panels
  • Engine Timing Check
  • Spark Plug Cleaning and Replacement

Additional Services  Include:

  • Service Bulletin verification
  • Required repairs
  • Or any other requested services

If you are thinking about buying a plane, then a prebuy inspection is a must. The plane can have countless hidden problems that at first glance can be missed. Using our service for a pre-buy inspection is a great way for you to know what repairs are needed for the plane and how much it would actually cost you.

We offer a wide range of inspections that can be as simple as a close visual inspection of the airframe and engine. or as in-depth as a full annual inspection and complete record review.

Together, we can come to a conclusion on the extent of the evaluation needed. 

In short, our prebuy inspection can provide you the information needed to know when you need to walk away or accept the offer on a plane.

  • Minor and Major Repairs
  • STC installation
  • Engine changes
  • Phase Inspections
  • Document Inspections
  • Prebuy Inspections
  • MX Tracting / Aircraft Management


Here are some of the aircraft and engine we professionally maintain at Lanier Aircraft Maintenance

This is just a sampling of the equipment we maintain.

Community Outreach

We offer 10% OFF (retail / parts and labor) Angel Flights as a member discount. Max discount of $1,000. Cannot be combined or stacked with any other offers.


“Our mission is to always provide the best care for your aircraft at reasonable prices. Our customer service begins and ends with your satisfaction.”​